ESIC Technology & Sourcing is a technology-based sourcing trade service company, located in Ningbo China, specialized in supplying small and medium manufacture enterprises (SMEs) with mechanical parts and industrial /consumer goods from China, and industrial design solution.  

ESIC runs a professional design team, strict quality management system and mature logistics services. We accept the orders which are in small quantity, complex process in products. If it is a new part, we could provide the design, tooling and make samples. 

ESIC aims at being one of the key ties between technology, supply and market for global industrial SMEs!



Jefa Steering

Jefa Steering is located in Greve near Copenhagen in Denmark and has been manufacturing marine steering products since 2001 and...

Niko Group

Niko is a dominant market leader within switches, sockets, lighting control and home automation in the Belgian market.

Bergmann A/S

Bergmann A/S is a family run business that carries out processing and finishing work involving cutting and machining. It was es...


World-class kayak&canoe ergometers.
Dansprint is a supplier of daily training aid instruments for world-class profession...





ESIC was invited to visit the Swedish headquarters on May 5, 2018 to reach a strategic cooperation.ESIC was invited to visit the Swedish headquarters on May 5, 2018 to reach a strategic cooperation.

  • 2018-09-13


As the only supplier in China, ESIC is responsible for the opening of new stores in Asia, gift purchase, printing and other services.

  • 2018-09-13

Wallenius water

Wallenius water(Tianjin) opening ceremony and High-tech Agriculture Co-operation Agreement Signing in Mar 23,2012.

  • 2018-09-13

Design department:

Luo Yuan Lei
Mobile number: +86 13600624961
Direct: (86-574) 2772 0080
Fax: (86-574) 2772 0088
E-mail: info@esinchina.com


Tina Qian
Mobile number: +86 13732113600
Direct: (86-574) 2772 0080
Fax: (86-574) 2772 0088
E-mail: info@esinchina.com

Quality Department:

Xu Bo
Mobile number: +86 13586684601
Direct: (86-574) 2772 0080
Fax: (86-574) 2772 0088
E-mail: info@esinchina.com

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